Aye Carumba!

First off thank for reading this, it probably means that you have signed up to support me as I prepare for the run on the 11th of May 2008.

As I’ve said, if I manage to get 200 of you to sign up, then it means that I would only ask that you sponsor me by donating £1. Either way, if you contribute financially, sign up just to say “Good luck,” laugh at me for doing this or come to watch to see if I cross the finish line, all of it is helping!

I’ve read up on their recommended training sessions in order to prepare myself for this task (as I’m only used to running as far as 200m back in my days as an athlete, or around a mile a week to keep up my fitness levels out of the season, right up to 15minutes two to three times a week at the gym before I ruptured my ligaments in my ankle in December) but to me this is starting from scratch as 5k is a fair distance. They say six weeks beforehand, and I’m looking at seven so it can work me thinks.

I must say it is a scary prospect for me, and I have had a few raised eyebrows when I said that I wanted to do this, but I’ve signed up now and even if I have to walk the whole way rather than run (which I’m seriously considering lol) then by the grace of God – go I!

So this will be the place where I’ll let you know my thoughts, feelings and any news regarding my training etc.

Once again thank you for your support and I hope to see some of you at the finish line with a plate of chips and a family size Galaxy bar! x

To make your donations and/or show support check out my: Personal page on the Race for Life Website


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