The title of this post is exactly how I feel at the moment.

The training is going really well and I’ve had a lot of people being supportive, I’ve even had a good diet and have found with doing a little more than usual with the excercising, that my appetite has increased somewhat. I have stuck to the walking a mile after I drop the boy off to school and it does feel good – until I get the bus home and sit down that is lol.

The reason why I’m so niggly today is my lack of sleep the past few days although I’ve been tired and having a decent amout of hours sleep and …… NO CHOCOLATE! Everywhere I look there is the damn stuff. Easter has now become a nightmare for me.

Just one chocolate bar or even a chunk ….. purleazeeeeee?!!!!

And thank you to those of you that have been checking up on me, as small as it is – it does make a difference to my confidence 😀

(Stooshy, Redfella and Mummy in particular) xXx


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