I’m sorrrryeeeee!

So I have a confession to make:

I had some chocolate yesterday 😦 I feel bad (actually that’s a lie – it felt SO good) and feel bad about it now (actually the second lie for today – I want another one … right now.)

Okay, confessions aside, training is going well. Was thinking to try and run a mile on the treadmill again next week and see if my ankle will hold up. At this point the walking is going really well so I reckon in a couple weeks I’ll be able to run a couple miles on the treadmill providing I don’t overdo it.

Been thinking of changing my gym too, Fitness First even with the convenience of having them close to home, uni and Isaiah’s school are just a lil on the crabby side. A Soho Gym has opened up in Borough which is still close to the boy’s school and Uni meaning I can still have a few visits a week. No offence to the staff, but FF just seems to lack a little lustre now I’ve had a nose around Soho. Who’d have thought I’d prefer Soho 😛

Isaiah is home tomorrow, so I’ll have to try and get the walking in without him realising it’s actual exercise – he loves exercise as long as he instigates it! I reckon if I take him to the park down the road with his bike, me running around with him will be more than enough and he’ll be none the wiser! 😉 *cue evil laugh*

Okay, I’m off to make a start on my book, I ordered The Great Gatsby (“oooh”) to read and it’s sat here for a few days now. Will be reading over the holidays as I do miss reading actual books rather than academic books – sorry PS! While I’m on the subject of reading Zadie Smith’s book “On Beauty” is awesome which I’ve read again recently.

Have a lovely Easter and for those of you that gave up booze for lent enjoy!

Much love x


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