Happy Easter!

So, the weekend has been somwhat a struggle with all the chocolate around me and I have to admit that I managed to have a sneeky couple of bits of Martin’s chocolate much to the sighs from Stoosh and Darren but I couldn’t help it! Was tempted after I left the guys from our link up, refrained. I reckon I’ll be fine til the weekend again.

It has been tough getting the training in over the weekend although I managed to get in a mile over the course of two days rather than a mile a day. The body has thanked me though, was feeling overtired on Friday.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend whatever you managed to get up to, ours was lovely. Sat was a blur of supermarkets I can’t believe I went to three (ask my mother why) with the fam and after meeting up with my former DMD colleagues for a link up went over to Laura and Martin’s house for dinner which was superb! Lamb cooked to perfection with veg and a carrot n swede mash – mmm!

Back to the routine tomorrow, so going to make the most of today with the fam round.

Much love and will speak to you soon x


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