I guess those low moments people mention exist … :(

Hey there! 

I’m really happy today as I’ve had a second donation on my page online! Thank you!
And those people that have given their moral support, I thank you also. I’ve been feeling quite tired the past few days and just for someone to say “You’re doing a good job” or similar words of encouragement does make a great deal of difference those mornings when I want to come home and sleep instead of doing my mile. 
The ankle is twinging a little and it started yesterday, so I’ve been advised to lay off the gym activity and to take it a little more easy, I don’t want to re injure it as it will take months to heal. It has got me a little down as it may seem like a minor setback, but I was hoping to start to run on it a little more and work out whether or not I can run the full three miles in May.
Not much I can really do about it now.
My apologies for the lack of video blogs, (a special mention to Lioness who pulled me up on it) the camera had been pretty much out of action since the last one due to it being damaged when I was away in Jamaica in Feb and it was on its way out, it did struggle on for a few weeks afterward so I can’t complain. Fortunately I have a new one so you will have more video blogs to watch really soon. If anyone wants to volunteer  to video me training, then I’d be grateful – although I’m a Superwoman I can’t run and film at the same time without it looking a little Blair Witch!
*yawns* as fun as writing about myself is 😛 I have some work to get on with, which I’m already behind on. I will say thank you to the person who cheered me up yesterday as I was feeling really tired and down. You got my mind off everything and I’m grateful.
Not long to go now, so you’ll be free to get on with your lives soon enough.
Much love to you all and I hope that you are well and enjoying the little piece of sunshine that we currently have the pleasure of receiving.
A x

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