I survived! Lawd it was HOT!

So as most of you know by now, I succsssfully completed the 5k race yesterday in Crystal Palace.

Woke up nice and early (7:30am) to get in my stretching, carb loading with the Ready Brek and water intake. Thanks to Isaiah my lil man for designating himself as my gym instructor who went through the stretching with me.
Go to the Arena nice and early and all my memories from training there as a teen with the Blackheath Harriers and then South London Harriers dame flooding back as I entered the track. Was nice that I was there as I was comfortable being there.
Continued to stretch and saw a few people from my childhood there which was cool, the Francis family and Stewards. It was ages before things kicked off and then they were talking for ages, doing the “thanks for taking part” and other things before we finally had a warm up. By this time I was tired and thought to go home to be honest lol.  We did have a good laugh warming up and getting ready to start the run, I hope next year there isn’t too much pissing about though as by the time I set off, I felt my muscles cooling down.
Anyway, I was running with my friend natalie’s cousins as the others wanted to walk which was cool. 5 mins down we had left the arena and was approacing our first of many hills. Blatantly was thinking this isn’t what I signed up for and laughed as I thought I was actually running for my life by the time I saw the 1km mark. The next km wasn’t too bad as I got into my stride and paced accordingly.
It was just nice that total strangers both watching and taking part were supportive, and that helped me as I went ahead of the girls for the next kilometer. So three km’s in I was actually thinking “yep I can do the 10km” and found something to push me on again, but I wasn’t prepared for the sun to turn hyper on my ass and beat down, and no matter how much water I was taking in and throwing over my head, my body decided to let me know that I should think carefully about going further than the one circuit.
The killer for me was at 4.5km in and seeing the hill that would take me into the arena again. So by the time I got to the top I decided that I would put everything into getting to the line after doing 5km with a decent time.
God must have placed Isaiah by the fence into the arena, because as soon as I saw him and Mum, I went all Mark Lewis-Francis and I sprinted as soon as my Air Max 95s touched the track all the way to the finish line. I know people were looking at me weird as I overtook at least 10 people to get over the line, but all the visions of running 100m came flooding back and all I wanted to do was warm down and sit my ass down.
Unfortunately I didn’t do it under 30 mins as I clocked up 35 mins, but with my not training for two months cos of the back, and running in some stupidly hot conditions with no wind to be seen, I don’t care, I f*cking rocked and anyone that wants to tell me something needs to kiss my black ass.
Next year though fam. 5k under 30 mins.

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