Am I crazy?

So after a Winter of much discontent, I am going to be running again. As you probably know, the back has been giving me so much more trouble this time and I’ve had a lot of time off work which you know has been psychologically driving me insane – I can’t sit and do nothing for too long!

Anyways, I have equipped myself properly with a new pair of running shoes (the others were in such a bad state they were talking to me) and a SportsBand and tracker so I can monitor my progress, help with where I need to improve and also good for motivation.


I sat down yesterday and planned routes which was good, as I was able to see the distance covered amongst other geeky information/statistics. This is all in my Nike+ profile.

I rushed home tonight with my purchase and it took literally minutes to download the software for the band, put the tracker into the base of the trainer and link it to the profile I created yesterday. Ta daaa!

Will let you know how I do! A massive thanks (and hugs) to Melissa who cleared up some (stupid) questions I had, to the marvelous Lee Lee who has inspired me to do this and to those who have wished me well. Much appreciated. xx


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