So I’ve had a few sessions since the last post, but there’s one thing that is very obvious ….. I’m extremely out of shape!

While I have had breaks from exercise, I have never taken this long to get back to where I know I’m my ‘usual’ level. And its disheartening. I’m not a runner as such, my cardio is usually 10 mins to warm up, and in between any core strentheners, toning I will go on the bike for 30 mins and/or 30/40 mins on the treadmill again. But I’ve never had any problems with running in general where I’m having to run – walk – run – walk. And when I’ve run 5k before, I was able to get it in under 30 mins. Now I’m running twice as slow (WTF?!)

Going to have to knuckle down if I am going to be ready for a 5k run come June/July ….

Will stick to 2 miles for now, look at my pace and see how I can push myself to break though this mental block. And a better diet couldn’t hurt either :s

Wish me luck!

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