Running before I can walk … Hmm ..

As you might know by now, I’ve not been to happy with my progress as I am a perfectionist. I want to get things right first time. Which is good, but in this case bad. Because I have been beating myself up that I haven’t been able to run straight away.

Forgetting I was pretty much bed bound for two and a half months. Duh.

So I have gone back to basics and have instead been speed-walking my way through my schedules and I have to say although today I was feeling tired and fluey before I even began my session (when today was actually my scheduled day off *slap wrist*) I have managed to improve my “split” time.

Basically means that for every kilometre I have gotten quicker and it has been more consistent so that the times aren’t all over the place.

I am really pleased with this and after taking tomorrow off for my birthday and to rest as well as have my nephew over for a few days, I have another goal which is to see if I can get the splits to a more even pace. Once I have done this, I will get onto the matter of actually running …. *music stops*


I am also pleased to say that I will be training (in spirit) with Miss Virtue and Redfella for the Virgin London Marathon 2012. We all have our own personal reasons, but collectively we have one shared goal of doing this for US which is an immense thing.

Mainly training in spirit due to our schedules and distances from each other (Redfella lives in Mukoo Land) but we will be cheering each other on as we have done already via any means necessary. Love them both to bits.

p.s. like the photo below? Someone very talented took it ….. *wink*


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