The countdown begins!

It’s official!

I entered my name into the ballot for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon! Eek!

I woke up in a cold sweat yesterday thinking I would miss the chance to enter as I heard that the site was closed within a few hours last year (not sure how true that is) then after thinking I had to pay upfront and clicking off in a panic thinking I would miss the chance as I thought I’d have to wait two days ’til payday, and a virtual slap from a very calm Miss Weldon, I finally put my entry through and waited for the magic email confirmation before screen grabbing and closing the window. LOL.

And the other two of my trio (Didi & Darren – who left it so late I started to get worried he’d miss the chance to enter) have also entered so it is now ON!

Just the matter of waiting SIX months to hear if we have been picked, a 10k run to train for which is in July and a half marathon in September I’m working towards.

…. no pressure, then …..


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