The RunDown: Training with #Damnson

Bit late VERY late with this post, (I started writing this on TUESDAY!!) Sunday I met up with my training partners Didi, Darren and our newest member Chris for a training session. This was after an IMMENSE first spinning class.

I love the gym and that, but nothing prepared me for this monumental death to my ass, crotch and legs. Needless to say I will be going back next Sunday for another go though. Lol. Clearly, I like punishment …

So after going home to wash, change and eat, I decided I wouldn’t have a nap for fear of not waking up on time so I made my way to Hyde Park in the May sunshine. Grabbed a quick bite to eat, stopped off to get drink and met up with the guys at our meeting point.

Now I am a person who trains with their playlist on full blast, almost blinkered and on with the job, and I wanted to not do that to much with the crew as it would defeat the purpose of being ‘together’ but I am still a competitive soul, so found that with them there I pushed myself more than I probably would had I not been with them. AND I left my iPod in my bag so was the only one without music *angry fist*

Hyde Park was very hot, with a lot of dust and pollen flying around (crap) so it became a ‘speed up when we saw shade’ kind of affair with a few inclines thrown in for good effect.

Despite a very slow end (walking the last two kilometres) and us training with grit/dust/sh*t in our eyes, I thoroughly enjoyed the session, we are all at completely different stages in our training, but it was just nice to train with them as we have the same goal.

Note to self: NO spin class beforehand though, because although I slept like a baby that night, I was EXHAUSTED! And my calves hated me for a few days. I’m sorry my babies *strokes them lovingly* …

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