Strength in numbers ..

Training with two thirds of DamnSon yesterday has really put my thoughts into perspective. I have always prided myself on “doing it alone” and I know that it can be counterproductive to do so. No more so than in this instance.

I got a viral infection bug from family a while ago, and was subsequently forced to take off extra time to recover after I decided to carry on running through that. It made me even more lethargic, my times didn’t improve. Pride basically got me into that mess. Not proud of it, but shit happens. I then heard that I wasn’t selected to run with the Bangs on the Run ladies and momentarily it did knock my confidence. Am over it now and as always send love to the new crew and will be cheering them on regardless as they are a wonderful bunch of women.

I began to fall into the slope of not training, relied only on strength exercises at home, thinking it was sufficient. Obviously it isn’t and doesn’t replace cardio work or pounding that pavement in any shape or form.

So fast forward to yesterday. I arrived frazzled after having to wait ages for a damn bus, I left my trusted water bottle at home (sadly it didn’t have rum in it. Actually, if it did I probably wouldn’t have forgotten it *side eye*) I told myself from the beginning that I should just go home. I arrived and just felt negative. One look from Redfella, a hug and a talking to shifted my whole attitude. So by the time Mr Sang arrived, and I had a mini hissy fit over my iPod (don’t ask) I was ready.

Usually when I run solo it seems like such hard work, and to be honest it’s bullshit. It’s too hot, I didn’t eat enough the hour prior, whatever. It’s all bullshit. And I have realised I need to snap out of that before I punch myself in the face for being a whining idiot.

We set off, and the first few yards were cumbersome and awkward for me. But after a trip (and giggle from Sang – yeah I remember that) I found my stride and suddenly got into a rhythm. It was hot and I didn’t have my rum *coughs* I mean water with me but it didn’t matter. Although they were behind me and not in my immediate eyeline, just knowing if I turned my head ever so slightly, they were behind me. And not in the physical sense. They. Were. Behind. Me. Every step of the journey.

For just a moment, I zoned out of my music and felt awesome as I realised I am not on this journey alone. Miss Virtue, Redfella and Mr Sang are doing this with me. I sped up over the last few yards. eat your heart out, Bolt. I’m coming for YOU.

My pride is well and truly filed away under “Useless Things That Will Hold Me Back On My Marathon Journey” and have taken out “Team Player” and have relaxed the frick up.

Looking forward to our next encounter in a London park somewhere (very) soon.

(special thanks to my team colleagues, I love you all. x)

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