I had the BEST day on Sunday. Despite the very early start, it was very much worth it.

When I thought I wouldn’t be running this year due to the back, I signed up to volunteer at Race for Life in Crystal Palace. My Mum who is now a R4L veteran signed up as usual to take part.

So I lost all my professionalism when I saw Mum rock up in her gear with her usual massive smile on her face. After having a chat and giving my words of encouragement, I didn’t see Mum again in the two thousand strong crowd of women warming up. As usual, the event was full of tears and smiles from the participants with their friends and family cheering them on, supporting their individual stories.

My job was pretty much finished once the race started as I was assigned to help those who forgot, lost or registered too late to receive their race numbers. So after packing away, I spent time with my sister and nephew wondering how Mum was doing.

So much to our surprise, Mum came running up to us 42 minutes after setting off with an even bigger smile on her face with her medal in one hand and the goody bag in the other. Her first words to us? “42 minutes, I beat my PB …. POW!”


Basically my Mum ROCKS! So from now on, when I am having a tough training session, don’t want to get my trainers and kit on to pound the pavement or whatever other reason, the smile on her face with her FOURTH R4L medal in her hand will mentally bitch-slap me into action.

Much love to Madge who is going through her personal battle, and to those who have fought and won (or lost) their battles. You will be in my thoughts when I run in July. x


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