30 Day Ab Challenge


So despite having my hands full with training for a half and full marathon I’m also taking on a 30 day ab challenge set by Melissa of Thru the Blue as I clearly didn’t have enough on my hands!

It will consist of:

* 30 day progressive ab and core workout plan, including daily workouts
*Scheduled Rest Days and Stretches
*Basic Nutrition Advice
*Video Guides
*Supplementary workout ideas

Now until just now I didn’t realise we would be starting it tomorrow with a photo submission so I’ve put the spuds back on the counter as I’m already bloating due to my monthly visit coming early *groans and throws herself onto the floor*

I’m a mixture of focused, excited and anxious but hey, bring it ON!

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Ab Challenge

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