Two challenges; one post .. hurrah!

Now aren’t you a lucky lot today, two posts? Yes indeed!

This will be a double hitter as I don’t want to shock you so much with a third post now, that would be far too generous of me. *wink*

First up a heads up, its the first day of the 30 Day Ab Challenge I was forced into signed up to. And judging by the first workout it looks like Things. Just. Got. Interesting. Let’s hope I’m still able to move later as I am running with my friend Darren later.

Not too late to sign up. 30 other people are on this so you’ll have a support network, its free, and everyone has their own reason/personal goal as to why they’re on this quest, so don’t be shy. Details below.

Next up is my latest Vlog to keep you posted on my Year of the Unstoppable journey. Hopefully better than my first attempt. Enjoy.

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.


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