01/11/2011 – The Beginning

The past week has been somewhat phenomenal. I have learned a lot about myself.

I started the week off (Tuesday) with the 30 Day Ab Challenge (30DAC) which has been challenging but which quite frankly left me in bits on the floor. First of all, who told me to leave the heating on, and secondly who is Ivan? I’d love to know as there is a move called the Crazy Ivan that was part of the 15 minute workout which involves sitting with your feet off the floor, straight back and in essence the Saturday Night Fever move. All I know is I now dislike anyone called Ivan from hereon in … Tuesday was the first day back after a horrific cold/flu thing (which I think I still have the remnants of) which had me in bed from the previous Tuesday until Sunday. I have managed to get through the workouts without stopping. Granted, my neighbours have probably thought I am a mad woman grunting, but I don’t care.

The same day saw me take on the Nike Running with Darren who is training for the London Marathon. Very exciting day for the pair of us. A big learning curve as I struggled particularly for the last mile of our 4 mile run but I did not stop once. Mentally that was a big thing for me because I know if I was running alone I most likely would have. The date 01/11/11 is going to be marked as a special date for me as it was a day that I did not quit. Not even for a second before carrying on.

Thursday saw a return of the 30 Day Ab Challenge workout which was tougher as I’d had the run a couple of days before and my muscles were tired, but again I maintained through grunting and did the damn thing. I also spoke to someone who is going to help me with a project tying in my bungee jump, half and full marathon. The immense love I felt and the belief in me was overwhelming. Stay tuned, and you will definitely be the first to know once logistics have been finalised!

Friday I took on a 5km run with slight reluctance, but those 30 odd minutes passed without realisation and I actually ran almost 6km, good times!!

I am sitting here now broken as I have just finished the third day of the week with the 30DAC. Feeling tired but proud of myself. And thanks to those of you who have been so supportive, it is very much appreciated.

Bring on another week!


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