One step forward .. six jumps back

So I have been really pleased with my progress recently and have felt so confident that I am able to get the marathons under my belt. I have had a lot of support from family, friends, my training partner Darren and there has been a warm response from work with colleagues and all sorts. Overwhelming but in a good way.

But Sunday came and disaster struck. I twisted my knee ever so slightly, but with lots of rest when I can, ice and elevation it isn’t getting better.



So I have booked an appointment at the nearby Sports Injury Clinic to get them to help with getting fighting fit, strengthening the knee and back to running in no time. They are amazing and rather than wait for a referral and/or for the knee to get better I would prefer to go sooner rather than later and to be fair it hasn’t been long but I am really itching to get back out there and clocking up those miles in my legs. In the meantime I have been getting on with the 30 Day Ab Challenge and have been pushing myself there with extra workouts, focusing my frustration of not being able to run on my abdominal muscles. [Insert Sparta style grunt here.]

I really am a glutton for punishment, eh?


9 thoughts on “One step forward .. six jumps back

  1. Hello I found the following remedies at Best on your recovery…

    Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

    • Application of ice and cold compresses is one of the most popular and equally effective Knee Pain home remedies.

    • Taking steam baths helps to reduce Knee Pains caused by Arthritis. Follow this remdy on a regular basis to ease the pain.

    • Dried ginger, Wintergreen, Boswellia, Devil’s claw, Cat’s claw and similar other herbs are regarded as highly beneficial therapeutic home remedies for Knee Pain.

    • Having a glass of warm water mixed with powered Bishop’s weed seeds is another valuable natural remedy for Knee Pain.

    • Prepare a paste by adding some castor, wheat and turmeric in goat’s milk or clarified butter. Finally, apply this therapeutic mixture on the painful area to cure the pain effectively at home.

    • Dried ginger, Wintergreen, Boswellia, Devil’s claw, Cat’s claw and similar other herbs are regarded as highly beneficial therapeutic Knee Pain home remedies.

    • Massaging the affected area with warm olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil is a highly recommended natural cure for Knee Pain and inflammation. Gently massage the area about two to three times per day.

    • Knee exercises help to strengthen the muscles supporting the knees thereby serving as a good natural treatment for Knee Pain. Yoga and acupuncture also serve as excellent Knee Pain home remedies.

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