Rolling in the deep

So following the post on the injury I picked up, thought I would let you know I’m not sitting here stuffing my face with chocolate while watching the TV resting on my laurels. (This is just a fantasy at the moment, I will be doing lots of this come the 28th May 2012 post Edinburgh Marathon and trust me you will ALL know about it .. I will probably post a blog including a photo too!)

I have indeed been resting the knee, but my 30 Day Ab Challenge has been going relatively well. But following my initial consult with the physiotherapist at Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic, I have added rolling to my repertoire.

Just a quick run down to the injury istelf first and then I’ll let you know what rolling is.

I have strained the Iliotibial Band where it joins the knee cap (see diagram below) which turns out after speaking with Amy my physiotherapist and the usual ‘let me check this out on Google’ thing is a common runners injury.

I was quite happy to hear this. Not the injury mind you, but the fact that I am classed as a runner enough now that I picked up that type of injury. Sad, I know! It is fully repairable and with rolling plus a couple of visits I should be running faster and stronger very soon. Hurrah!

Now onto ‘rolling’ – I have many songs and phrases that come to mind now but I won’t bore you with them. After having a go in my session and remembering Melissa’s recommendation on the apparatus, I rapidly purchased a foam roller (below) which was under £15 for a large one and have been working on my ITB’s (sides of the thighs,) quads, hamstrings and calves.

Am already noticing that the extreme tightness in my quads is getting better and my right calf is feeling a lot less stiff already so although this injury has set me back running-wise, in the long run (pun intended) my overall maintenance will be much better. Hurrah again! I highly recommend this if you’re a runner, need help with troublesome muscles or as a cheaper but just as effective replacement for a sports massage (Amy even said so herself..)

Thanks to the CPSIC for their help. For some foam rolling exercises have a look here.



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