There is no finish line ..

Yesterday saw me complete my 30 Day Ab Challenge as set by Melissa at the beginning of November and initially when I woke up and did my workout I was glad it was over. But my euphoria faded pretty rapidly and I wondered “what next?”

I have incorporated weights and attend Nike Training Club on a Saturday and the abdominal workouts I was doing before were basically stepped up when I agreed to the challenge, but by finishing this it was going to leave a massive cavern in my weekly routine.

So guess what? I am going to continue this at least until January. While it has been good, I feel I can get a little more definition. The obliques have definitely seen a vast improvement, but there is room for more I think.The photo above isn’t reflective of where I wanted to be by now .. *sigh*

Ignoring the very ignorant and poor grammatical comment I had on Facebook about “women not wanting to be as defined as that” I actually do. So I will seek that and reach that goal. *massive side eye*

As my post it note here keeps reminding me, “There is no finish line.” So onwards and upwards!


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