Love your body!

I have been listening to a few of you asking for help with various aspects of your fitness and decided on these posts.

While I am of the frame of mind that if you’re not happy with something in your life you should change it, I am also in the camp of becoming confident in yourself and who you are. After a discussion on Twitter it is very clear that a lot of you (mostly women) are conditioned to not think like that and it is quite frankly upsetting. Almost as if you’re conceited if you are seen to be happy with yourself or don’t have ‘that problem area’ on your body as ‘we all have them.’

I’m here to say no we don’t all think like that and so we shouldn’t.

With that being said, I am posting tips on ways to get your fitness regimes up and running, to improve on them if you are already keeping fit as well as remind you that you are fabulous and that rather than seeing exercise as the devil, to use it for that moment to yourself away from work/uni/children/partners etc. to enjoy it, and feel more happy with yourself. studies suggest that exercise helps beat depression, as a sufferer I can definitely say it is the truth!

I will never be talking about weight loss, counting calories or dieting. If that is what you are looking for, I can only apologise. Just be sensible with what you’re doing, okay?

As with all exercise if you are unclear, consult a physician and more importantly enjoy this! Start small if you are coming back to exercise and build that momentum as your confidence grows.

It’s time to Love Your Body … are you ready?! Click Subscribe blog at the bottom right of this page, ta!

Must give a shout out to Bangs of Bangs and a Bun as although I was already thinking about a weekly post, her highlighting this topic on Twitter prompted me to get this project up and running quicker and also to Melissa of the 30 Day Ab Challenge over on her thrutheblue blog.


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