Play that funky music!

Music pretty much shapes my life: I listen to it ALL the time. Purists say that you shouldn’t run with music, I am addicted which maybe terrible, but hey that chocolate and cheesecake are my vices. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t THAT bad, no?

That being said, I do love a good tune to get my workout done without any hassle and I find as I’m singing along the minutes whizz by and the workout is done for the day. So maybe if you’re not finding your workouts as enjoyable as I do, why not try putting on your favourite songs to pass the time?

Find that tune that gives you a boost and use that as your ‘power song’ and see what a difference to your exercise it makes! (I mean, look at the sheer joy in my face in the photo above. Let’s not mention that was BEFORE I ran 5km shall we?)

If you are running, be wary of the surroundings, blasting out your music when you’re out is not advisable. There are cars, dogs, people etc. and if you’re running when it’s dark and/or in quiet areas PLEASE be careful! (if possible try not to run alone and have your phone with you.)

Time to get a workout in, grab your iPod and get at least 15 minutes of cardio in …. GO!!


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