New starts

With the imminent arrival of a new year, I am always amused (and probably a little a lot smug) with the comments regarding “This year will be my year” and the resolutions being read off with conviction. Fast forward a few months and that gym membership is going to waste, or the promise of learning Japanese has fallen at the way side because of time constraints and the CDs are sitting collecting dust on the shelves.

I think maybe it’s my upbringing but I don’t ever really remember making resolutions as a child, nor my parents. My mum as an example made changes all the time whenever she wanted to set goals, she did them there and then and I have always seemed to have done the same. I wanted to go to university and falling pregnant at 19 meant I went into full time work until I had him and went back after my maternity leave ended and worked full time ever since. But I always said I would go back when my son was old enough. Sure enough I saw a poster for clearing at the local University and went in to make an enquiry, found that there were spaces and wrote an essay and filled in the necessary paperwork and got my place.

I was in a job I hated surrounded by negative people and that in turn got me down, I decided I would leave and find another job. I had negative responses from my colleagues (go figure) but I stuck at it, and found a great job and left those suckers behind.

This running malarky was just for me to do once a year and I woke up on day in April and decided I’d set myself the challenge of running a whole marathon. Will let you know how THAT goes come the day after the Edinburgh Marathon in May and prior to that my ‘warm up race’ at the Silverstone Half Marathon in March .. but I am determined to tick those things off my list.

So what I’m saying is, it is nice to have goals and a time scale in which to achieve something but a whole year is often not realistic, why wait 365 days in which to hit that reset button? Make those changes daily, wake up every morning with purpose and a with a fresh start to your life.

With everything I’ve said – I do hope that the next twelve are fantastic for you, and those goals you set are met, you’re happy, healthy and be awesome, cos I certainly plan to be!


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