Make it Count! (and yourself accountable)

I hope you’ve managed to get back into your routines and the post seasonal blues haven’t hit? If like me you kept your schedule up over Christmas, (I ran on Christmas Day I’ll have you know!) you are probably glad its over so that those around you can get back into a bit of ‘normailty.’

I received an email from Nike+ the other day giving me a breakdown of the year I had. With the many stops and starts to my running diary it was a little disappointing BUT when I realised that I have already run a quarter of what I did in the whole of 2011 already in 2012, it definitely gave me a massive confidence boost.I have also battled the terrible winds and am starting to run consistently at a steady pace. Not bad a week deep into 2012, no?

So with two races planned with maybe a couple more at the end of the year to look forward to, I am making myself accountable by posting the stats from the email here and I will have a look again when the lovely people at Nike email me again in January 2013.

Thanks to NikeTown London Running Club for my fantastic tee, will be wearing this a LOT this year!


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