Aaannnd … RELAAAX!

While I’ve prattled on about the benefits of going hard or going home and any other cliché phrase you can think of, I should point out the benefits of R&R also (provided you’ve put in the work to begin with!)I did tend to push my body to its limits and then be forced into rest due to being in bits, but this has been counterproductive as things such as illness and injury linger and puts you back in regard to your progress.

The body needs the rest to build back up the muscle you’ve torn during those workouts and build itself up stronger. So while it is great making sure you’re putting in 110% it is also great to give the muscles a little reprieve. It is recommended to add REST into your training schedules and that is total rest and not ‘only doing a few sets on the lighter dumbbells’

While I’m on this subject of looking after yourself may I interest you in the benefits of physiotherapy and/or sports massage? Yes? Great!

I gotta say that the injury was a blessing in disguise as having the initial consultation threw up a few issues. My trainers although they look nice were not doing a damn thing for my legs and exacerbated the underlying issue with the ITB causing the injury. They were also not supportive enough for my ankles so had I continued with them, there probably would have been ankle injuries too. I’m not getting any younger round here and I have a few things I have to do this year, don’t you know?!

A good sports massage now and again can also do your muscles the world of good. If you can’t afford those, you can always buy a foam roller. I have one to use in between visits and that is just as awesome – minus the small talk. It is recommended to at least get a consult and be checked over to flag up any issues to avoid repetitive injuries for those problem areas if you have them.

So, are you sitting comfortably yet? No? Get to it, then!

Special mention to Amy, my amazing physiotherapist at the CPSIC.

[If you are looking for a physiotherapist then have a look here for a registered practitioner.]


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