Working it out with Afro Hair

I remember reading an article last year regarding the extremely high rate of Black women not exercising and as a result are dying younger from diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems. Which is very alarming. The main reason for this is the maintenance of our hair, which is even more disturbing.

I work out almost every day, whether its my NTC class, running, weights or the gym and I have to say that it is very time consuming maintaining my hair afterward. But I could never imagine never working out again to solve that ‘problem’ to me it’s just not an option!

With that being said, I have cut my hair to a much shorter, manageable style and deep condition.

  • Covering your hair while working out can be counterproductive as you need to allow it to breathe. Once the hair has dried and settled after your workout you can THEN get the silk scarf out.
  • It is so tempting to wash the hair the more you work out, but this in fact dries the hair out more, making the scalp much more prone to it irritation and scratching which is the worst thing especially if your hair is relaxed.
  • Deep conditioning the hair and scalp once a fortnight works wonders, and will add back that lost moisture the salts through sweating strips the keratin loses. Once a week is recommended if the hair is extremely dry. If unsure, speak with your stylist. If you’re pressed for time you could put conditioner on the night before your day off and wash out in the morning, dry and style as usual.
  • Light non-greasy moisturiser massaged lightly with your fingers into the scalp helps a great deal with any dry areas. Also feels quite nice! Heavy moisturisers only weigh down the hair and makes it very greasy.
  • Try to avoid heat as much as possible. Curling irons, straighteners etc. are very good at extracting the moisture you’ve worked so hard at replacing.

Most importantly, enjoy your workouts!


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