When Angel met Run Dem Crew

One March afternoon, Angel sat with a box that contained her new Lunarswifts, Sportsband w/sensor dreaming of the day that she would run with a much talked about group of nomads who come together once weekly to run the streets of London. It wasn’t until ten months later this would happen. But the moment she sprinted toward Charlie Dark shouting and the other members of the group waiting after a six-mile run she had the flashback to the Lunarswifts sitting in their duvet of tissue paper and smiled. She had arrived.

I had wanted to run with them for MONTHS especially watching people I follow on Twitter relay their excitement at going for a run, meeting up for events .. EVERYTHING. But I thought I wasn’t good enough yet, I would only slow them down, blahdee blah blah. So when I finally plucked up the courage to ask Bangs in October/November whether there was space and she said to hold fire, the needle off the record noise came. ARGH!! WHYYYY?!!

*cue dropping to knees in a rain-soaked street as the camera pans out*

I could’ve kicked myself at not hollering sooner, but then I thought ‘hold on right there, Missy. Your time will come and when it does it will be worth it AND when you do get in, you’ll kick some serious ass and they’ll not want you to leave’ – narcissistic comment but, bite me!

I continued to train when I could, ran an extra mile where I could, got up on Christmas Day and all sorts. So when that email came … I was ready.

The whole day of Tuesday 17th January 2012 I was excited, no, in fact it was the day before when I read the newsletter that hit my inbox signalling the start of the new season at Run Dem Crew.

Fast forward a pretty emotional day at work and me rushing home to get my kit on and battle through rail delays, stinky people on the tube and me bouncing down the road to the temporary meeting point. The moment I went in through to door with the logo much like a secret society, I was greeted by new and existing runners with RDC who all I spoke with in turn as I sat nervously on one of the storage boxes (GENIUS idea!!) The place slowly filled up with more people and Fleur who was also there as a new member and Bangs had copied into the tweet earlier in the day introduced herself to me and mentioned that she read my blog which really made my day. (As much as I blog, I always feel like only one person reads the blog, so to have an actual live person mention it made me SO happy) we spoke about our excitement and how we came to be sitting in a gallery in Shoreditch waiting for the famous Bangs of the “Bangs goes Rap” phenomenon and all round badass chick.

More people came and sat down and introduced themselves new and existing members so by the time Bangs arrived I was so relaxed although I frantically waved at her as she came through the doors .. *cringe* but thankfully she wasn’t running back out again to call the Police, she came and we hugged (well I hugged her and didn’t let go first.)

Enter Sir Charlie of Dark .. founder of RDC and my excitement meter basically blew up but me being me, I tried to play it cool with a nod which turned into a wave of excitement … *sigh*

After toilet breaks, we finally started the housekeeping. With my eye on the clock I was already worried about getting back late as The Boy was at home with The Mother whom I said I’d be home usual time of around 9pm as that’s the time I’m home from NikeTown and this looked like this wasn’t gonna happen … eek! Anyways, Charlie went through the history of the crew and even before he was through there I had already decided I liked these people. Stories of various contributing members and how they came to be there with absolutely inspirational stories. So by the time we got to how the Run Dem Crew Youngers came about, I was overwhelmed with just how awesome each and everyone there was.

With that over and Charlie finishing off with the words ‘Be the best you can be’ the build up to it all and the experience pretty much pushed me over the edge and out the door to run!!

As we set off with Daniel an old college friend and Glenn as our pacers, I realised the extent of the size of the group as in my group of runners the Fast Hares (8 min milers) we had 42 alone!! and we all had to cram onto the narrow pavement off into the dark of the night. we ran through the city toward St Paul’s, over the Millennium Bridge which I vowed I’d NEVER cross … (that’s for another day,) East along the riverbank past my workplace and along Bankside towards London and Tower Bridges before we crossed over and ran from Tower of London through Aldgate, Liverpool Street right through the middle of the station back into Shoreditch. And before I knew it … I was sprinting toward Charlie as I heard him shout at us to the crowd of the other groups who we passed going in the opposite direction earlier during our run. Thoughts of my Lunarswifts came flooding back and I smiled. Six miles clocked like it was nothing and had spoken to a few really wicked people along the whole route.

I will most definitely be running with RDC from now on. No offence to the wonderful people over at Niketown London as they are truly awesome and I will be running with them also, but in my heart of hearts I feel that I would love to contribute to RDC and embrace that community even if they don’t like it!

I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to Bangs, Charlie Dark, Karleen and Georgina amongst others who were just amazing and made me feel welcome and to Fleur and a whole host of new members who really went out there and took it to the streets of London. I salute you all. Darren, you will be coming with me in a fortnight, I know you are ready … they’ll love you!

For more information on RDC please visit their wonderful new website.


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