yay me!

I had a random question from a friend mid-week last week interested in how my training was going. He asked me how far I’d run this year as he was impressed that I tend to run twice a week, three times if I am lucky enough and I came back after checking my statistics on Nike to him with a collective gasp and for me the best realisation I’ve had since I seriously started my marathon training in October:

  • First of all with the terrible stop/starts, excuses and whatever else I ran 82km from March when I got my trainers and sportsband up until the 29th December 2011.
  • From 3rd January 2012 to my last run Thursday I had run 75.32km …

*blank stare*

…. so basically the moment I run 6.68km I would have equalled the distance I ran for 9 months last year. *punches the air* Maybe really insignificant to all of you but for me this puts things into perspective for me and where my head is with my running journey and attitude towards how I am with this marathon training, so excuse me while I do a little dance.

That will be all.


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