One small step for man ..


There have been many conversations recently with friends and even my line manager at work about my “running obsession” as someone close kindly pointed out as I embarked on my 15 mile run after a big night out. Been so strict with my training too .. Schoolgirl error.

The theme to almost of all of the conversations was the misconception that I got up one day and clocked up 6 miles with my eyes closed. So far from the truth its quite funny. Nice to think that my friends think so highly of me, but come on, son.

The way that I had to walk after two minutes I ran and then build on that for a couple of months until I ran a mile without stopping was to me rubbish. Having been a sprint runner my whole perception of running longer distances was completely wrong. And running alone as I was too proud to ask for help hinder my progress further. Its only when I spoke with others that I found out they had similar or worse experience because they did it alone.

To those wanting to take up running don’t do it alone, ask for help and don’t be disheartened if you’re not clocking marathons after a month. And don’t run with a hangover .. It is not fun! But you can do it!

“Slow and steady wins the race”


2 thoughts on “One small step for man ..

  1. Love it! I really want to get my act together and start running, I used to love it back in the day and really want to get myself into shape (as much as I can) before I hit thirty in August. I may have to holla at you (if you don’t mind) about it a bit more!

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