The second of silence before the starter pistol


I think that the fact I have been talking about my first half and full marathon for so long, it has always seemed so far away in the distance, just out of reach. So when I heard a thud on my doormat at 8:40pm last night from the postman (let’s not dwell on the reason my post comes through my door so late for a minute) and I saw the return address listed as the Adidas Half Marathon my heart stopped momentarily.

As of today, I have fifteen days until I am at the Start/Finish line of my first ever half marathon at UK’s premier race circuit about to embark on a 13.1 mile run. FIF. TEEN. DAAAAYS.

Jokes aside, I think until last week I was really unsure whether I was ready, whether I had trained enough, if my injury had hindered my progress. But something clicked as I ran with Darren my amazing friend and training partner. He’s been such a constant tower of support and strength. Those moments where I lag or my energy dips, he always knows to say something that helps. We have moments of madness and challenge each other to run further and no-one questions or complains. We put our kit on and get out onto the road and do the damn thing. Leaving whatever is troubling me for a couple of hours and pound that pavement.

Until this week I was going to be running Silverstone solo which although really sad I had come to terms with a while ago, and someone up there decided that we were running together and Darren rightfully won a place so we will be running our first Half Marathon as the unstoppable duo we’ve become. And that fills me with so much joy you cannot begin to imagine.

So to say that I am SO ready for this race now, would be a total understatement. T minus fifteen days? Bring it!!


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