Running out of Love

With one week until I run my first ever half marathon, I find myself about to run one more training session and am very happy about that.

I’ve had a falling out with running the past week and a half which is quite worrying seeing as I am racing a week from today. Not sure if its because apart from a handful of days I’ve been running pretty much non-stop since December, I’m tired, life behind the scenes is tough at the moment, subconsciously I am nervous, a mixture of all of the above or none of it at all.

I understand that this happens after the race as I’ve spoken to more experienced runners, but haven’t heard anyone say that this has happened to them so close to race day before.

As I am tapering and carb loading in the next few days, (post on that will be up this week) I really do hope that the nonchalant attitude I’ve picked up disappears and excitement and anticipation replaces this or I’ll be in big trouble ..


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