Ab Fab!


I have been asked a lot over the past year, and particularly the last six months or so, about my core and what I do in terms of my workouts. I usually then send on a few components via email, which is usually well received.

Of late I have had loads of questions so thought it best to drop a blog with a 30 minute workout which I essentially do every morning before some yoga for you guys, and that way it’s out there and you can add suggestions or ask questions. If you need to start on a lower number of repetitions and build up as your confidence increases; do it!! Some is better than none!

I hope you like it!

One minute planks. (x 3)
Remember to pull your core in and keep a straight line from the back of your head, down your spine, all the way down your calves to your feet. Thirty seconds recovery then repeat twice.

Oblique leg Raises. (x 20)
Lying on your side (in side plank position) with your hand supporting your weight and the other arm either down your side or on the floor in front of you for balance.  With feet together, lift from the floor and hold for five seconds. Repeat twenty times then change sides.

Abdominal holds. (x 5)
Sitting up, hold your arms out to the front and lift your legs so that you are in a v position. Engage your core (pull your belly button in toward your back,) ensuring you aren’t slouching and hold for thirty seconds then repeat five times.

Scissor kicks. (x 50)
These are my favourite. (You may disagree!) Lie on your back with your legs up in the air. Ensure your back isn’t slouching and be careful with this or miss out if you have lower back problems (unless you consult your physician.) Using alternate arm to leg, swap sides and repeat fifty times each side.

V ups. (x 20)
While sitting, bring your knees to chest and hold with arms, release and whilst maintaining straight back with core engaged straighten legs until they’re an inch from the floor and lower back simultaneously. Repeat twenty times.

Russian Twists. (x 100)
Yes, grand finale time. The daddy of any bonafide abdominal workout. In “v” position with straight back and an engaged core, take arms across the body and touch the floor, repeat the other side. This is one repetition. Repeat one hundred times.

Thanks to Mr Trouble for the photo at the bottom of the collage.


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