Are you up for a challenge?


A week ago I saw a friend post on her Instagram a squat challenge for December, and as i like a good workout I have taken this on with both hands (thanks Redzy.)

With such a great response from you guys joining in, I mentioned on my Instagram that for the next few months there will be other challenges to see you into the start of 2013 with focus as well as toning up those problem areas.

So to put it out to you all officially, January will be a push-up challenge and February will be sit-ups. You know I love a good workout so I can’t wait for Fabulous abs in February.

I will post up a schedule for each month on the final day of the previous month’s challenge as well as a photo for correct positioning to ensure you’re not getting injured, it would be great seeing you post your photos and tweeting your progress so that we can all give each other positive encouragement.

(There will be a little prize to the most motivated folks at the end of the month too, I have been watching you all so watch this space ..) 😉

December – #DropItLikeASquat

January – #PushIt

February – #AbsLikeAngel



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