Can you #PushIt in 2013?


Hello you!! Happy New Year.

As you’re aware (or should be by now) I am not a fan of resolutions or waiting until a new year to sink my teeth into a goal, desire or challenge, some of you joined me on December’s #DropItLikeASquat challenge and did very well I’d like to add!!

This month is no different. January is a new month meaning a new challenge; push-ups. Now I am not a fan of these at ALL, so you’ll be pleased to know that I will be battling through this one more than the squats.

As usual, I should stress that you should consult your physician if you have any concerns and to maintain the correct positions throughout.


Back straight taking care to keep the weight in your upper body. From your head to the feet, ensure you maintain a straight line and engage your core (tuck your belly button in and hold.) Please also remember to breathe!!

If you’re not able to do a few push-ups, you may want to moderate your position so that your knees are on the floor (remembering to maintain strong back and core at all times.)

And one last thing, if you’re struggling, I am on Twitter, come and find me!!** If you’re tweeting #PushIt your fellow challengers can also offer support. The most dedicated and/or improved challenger will also get a little gift at the end of January so get pushin’!

Love and light.

Angel xx

(Twitter and Instagram: @Angel_Deelight)

Thanks to @RenoMethDAP for the picture/logo.

**I am away until the 14th with a family emergency so may not always be able to find you straight away, please bear with me!!


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