#AbsLikeAngel – Week One


Greetings challengers, I hope you’re raring to go?

Please remember to stretch before and after your workout as well as hydrating. Both very important for your body and overall fitness.


Abdominal Hold

With your back straight and your abs engaged, hold in the position for a minute. Rest for thirty seconds and do this three times in total.



Keeping a straight line from head to toe, rest on your forearms and hold for one minute. Rest for thirty seconds and get three sets in.


Slow Mountain Climbers

Get into plank position and slowly bring knee to chest, repeat on other side. This is one repetition. Repeat for one minute.


Russian Twists

Getting into the abdominal hold position, take right hand across your body concentrating on keeping back straight and core engaged, repeat with left arm. This is one repetition. Repeat for one minute.


Plank Rows

In plank position lift one arm and raise to chest and hold for a second whilst keeping back straight and engaging core. Swap sides and repeat for a minute.



Get as many as you can in a minute. Take care of your back and engaging your core whilst remembering to breathe.


Side Plank

Resting on forearm keeping body straight with core engaged, hold. Switch sides after thirty seconds.

Now get tagging and posting #AbsLikeAngel !!

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7 thoughts on “#AbsLikeAngel – Week One

    • Hi Jo

      Thanks for your question, it’s good to stretch all over generally, but later today on the tab that will magically appear at the top of the page I have demonstrated some stretches for the back and stomach areas. 🙂

  1. Can you suggest an alternative for the mountain climbers? My hip is injured at the moment and bending my leg up aggregates it. Would another plank variation work?

    • Hi Laura

      Thanks for your question, if you plank from extended arm then drop to forearm and back up again? If not a static plank position is also good (more intense) I hope that’s okay for you? If not, find me in DM on Twitter xx

      For those that don’t follow me, I’m @Angel_Deelight

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