We Own The Night


Last night I attended the launch of Nike’s event targeted at women called “We Own The Night”

On 18th May 2013, Nike in conjunction with Elle Magazine will be hosting a 10k for women in East London’s Victoria Park called which is designed primarily for women and of course running.

I will be following a six week training plan in the run up to the event, with NTC trainers giving advice on workouts, strength exercises and nutrition.

The night started off with some introductions followed by a quick photo shoot with the lovely Niran in Nike’s new shoe the Nike Free 5.0 and pieces from their S/S13 collection. (I now have my eye on the running tights and capris!) We then signed up to the event online and registered our Fuelbands so we can track our movement whilst training. Finally we were given a training plan with a notebook.

Having had a major setback to my fitness with an operation six weeks ago, this is a great opportunity to build that back up and have a little fun on the way. I’m lucky that I have always liked fitness, but I know a lot of women lose interest at secondary school and beyond. This event is perfect for women who do struggle sometimes as you will be with others thinking and feeling the same.

For more information on the event and details of where to sign up, please click here.



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