Yogis vs Meatheads


During my recovery I have been trying to stay active, I’ve never not kept fit and despite being limited to no weight bearing exercise, I wasn’t going to let that stop me exercising at all.

I have dabbled with yoga over the years and mainly utilised it to stay supple and aid in core strength, but have since relied on it a lot to aid in my comeback. So when I mentioned it to someone who is what you’d call a typical meathead guy that spends hours in the gym pumping iron and he scoffed that I “needed to work harder than that to get back to where I was before my operation”, I was a little (read that as a lot) offended.

I love bodyweight exercise as it means I’m not a slave to a monthly subscription, I can work it around the diary; as a parent that’s quite important, but on the other hand I do love a barbell squat and will be returning to the gym to take on a challenge I’ve set myself which you’ll find out about soon.

I do find that yoga is looked upon as not being ‘hardcore’ enough by a lot of people as the movements aren’t explosive/dynamic enough. I will tell you from first hand experience that this isn’t the case. In fact slow, controlled movements such as a slow mountain climbers (not the yoga term, but I’m not trying to be overly technical here) are far more beneficial than 100 sit-ups. Fact. Spending three minutes in a half split like I did yesterday afternoon during my Vinyasa Flow class was as painful as I’ve felt squatting deep with 80kg on my shoulders. Headstands aren’t to be sniffed at, either. The photo above is cool, no? You should see the outtake photos …

I totally understand that not everyone will enjoy every fitness discipline, but lets be clear here. Whilst it may not give you quick results like say dead lifting 100kg, yoga can build a strong body. Putting my bodyweight training aside, I know I could plank the heck out of the meathead friend based on the fact that yoga helped me get there, and I challenged him to a plank off.

Sadly he declined to take me up on the offer …


4 thoughts on “Yogis vs Meatheads

  1. As a lover of the free weights I hate coming across such close minded people. I am a true believer in finding exercise that you enjoy and going for it no matter what it is. Any movement is better than sitting on the couch! I find Yoga difficult but it is something that I want to master and the concepts behind yoga can definitely benefit runners, lifters, swimmers etc.

    • I’m definitely not on yogi status as yet, but as you know I LOVE stretching so yoga has followed me through everything I do. Definitely nice to have as a base for other disciplines as you mentioned.

  2. At first I met a lot of the same ideas – it seemed like you could weight lift or you could practice yoga. But, by actually doing both, I’ve found how complimentary they are! Yoga helps me maintain balance and stability in squats and deadlifts; bench press helps my chataranga and downward dog. The list goes on. But I definitely think more people should give both a try! And I hope you recover from your injury soon!

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