Run Angel Run’s Guide to: Cheer Dem Crew


Since I’ve decided to defer my London Marathon place until 2014 so that I can run it at 100%, it is only fair that I get out there on the streets with my running crew (Run Dem Crew) and cheer on my friends who are still running.

One if the rules we have at Run Dem Crew is “If you do not run, you must cheer” so I’m squeezing into my Black Milk catsuit and going to Mile 21 in official cheerleader duties.

As part of that, I’m going to be working my top 5 cheers in and still getting a little workout in. They are:

1. The Running Man

There’s nothing quite like doing the running man and shouting “run baby, run” to perk up your fellow runner who may need a boost. And you’re still (sort of) running. Score!

2. The Carlton Banks

It’s not unusual to find me bussing this move on the dance floor or at the side of a road race. Probably also very good for banishing bingo wings, too.

3. Stir the Pot

This legendary move will encourage the passing runners to run faster with the prospect of running towards their favourite meal post race.

4. The Robot.

Firm favourite on road sides all over the World and everyone from 9 to 99 can do it, making friends through cheering; one dance move at a time.

5. The Sprinkler

On a hot race, there’s nothing like water. And lots of it. Get the sprinkler going to cool down those tired and hot runners. The gift that keeps on giving.


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