Smoothie Saturday


Giver of nutrients and an easier way of getting your “five a day.” All hail the humble smoothie!

This is a much simpler way when you cant find the time in the mornings to prepare your usual breakfast or are a little scared of cooking as I know some of you are. And since you’re taking on your fruit and/or veg raw you’re not removing the essence of why you’re eating them in the first place!!

I will be posting a recipe every Saturday that you can use and share. I won’t put quantities in as its your choice and taste that’s key here. I may like more spinach in a particular recipe where you’d prefer more strawberries. So be adventurous!! And don’t forget to post your photos with #RARSmoothieSaturday and I can find and repost them.

Today’s photo (above) is from my Run Dem Crew mate @bitbeefy who’s just run London marathon again. He loves a good smoothie, and this is one he threw together with the contents of his fridge. May look strange to some, but I am assured it was delicious and it filled him up for a good while!!

Below is my recipe for this week’s smoothie:

Natural yoghurt
Mango juice
Rolled oats
Fresh mint

Please let me know how you get on if you try it!! (Photo below.)

Love and light x



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