My Headstand Challenge


A challenge was set a month ago to see whether I could teach myself to do a headstand in thirty days.
I wasn’t able to balance well at all, which I put down to recovery and though this would be a fun way to get that back and keep occupied. At the time I was happy to get to the point where I would be able to get into a headstand and remain there for thirty seconds or so. How did I do?

Well it is safe to say that my confidence has been boosted immensely and I have taken it even further with another goal of being able to perform an inversion whilst in a headstand and also in a forearm position. While its very early days with the secondary challenge and technique needs to definitely be fine tuned I’m am ecstatic with the progress I’ve made in such a short space of time.

It is so rewarding to set small challenges and be able to achieve them with a little hard work, I cannot wait to see how far I get with my new found love for all things upside down! I guess you’ll find out when I do just how far I can go. 😉

(Above photo is the beginnings of a headstand inversion and below me working on ‘scorpion’ pose.)



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