Smoothie Saturday: 04 May 2013


This week’s beauty above is from the lovely Stoosh who’s falling in love with her blender (and like most of us disliking the washing up afterward.) She has thrown together a fruit sensation and although like me she hates banana, she has been brave enough to throw one into her juice and loved it. Go girl!

Orange Juice
Vanilla Extract

Now onto my smoothie of the week. I was feeling the constant change with the weather earlier this week and the onset of hayfever was starting to take a hold, so I have been on a green smoothie drive. I know it’s a huge hurdle for a lot of people drinking green stuff, but I have to say that it has eradicated the onset of either hayfever or cold and I’m feeling much better. Not all that bad, eh? I added liquid echinacea in mine, grab some from your local health food shop if you can. My photo is below.

Orange and Mango Juice
Rolled Oats

Drop me a line and key me know how you do, and if you have a recipe you’d like to share let me know and I will feature some on the blog.

Love and light x



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