Smoothie Saturday: 10 May 2013


Good morning, I hope you’ve had a good week blending up some real beauties!

I have to say I don’t always get it right, and had a disaster with a juice I made this week adding too much. But this is part and parcel of finding what you like and don’t like which is why I don’t put quantities down. I also do not like celery or beetroot, but found with the right blend I made two different juices this week that I can drink without heaving. That’s always a bonus, right? One is highlighted this week, the other will be posted soon.

The photo above is from my good friend Josie. She is back on her bike now the Spring is a little kinder to us, my girl rode London to Brighton a while back so have been in awe of her for a long time. Very proud of her with her progress in the gym, she’s taking them on and it coming on really well already. Pow!

Her smoothie ingredients:


I created the smoothie below quite thin so it’s probably more in the juice camp, but if you wanted to add plain yoghurt to thicken you might be onto a winner. As I said earlier, I do not like celery, but I’m not a fan of comfort zones and wanted to include a wider range of ingredients for you guys as well. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and despite tasting a little more celery than I would have liked, it was okay!! I am going to stick at it until I find the right quantity where I love it.

Let me know how you do!

Apple and Mango Juice
Rolled Oats (my substitute for yoghurt)

Love and light xx



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