Smoothie Saturday: 25 May 2013


Today sees yours truly go up against the arch nemesis that is beetroot. I have tried to learn to love it and its been a hard slog. I can only manage it very finely shredded in salad in small portions, but I am not one for shying away when things are tough so decided I’d incorporate it into this weeks smoothie.

With a little tweaking this weeks smoothie is lovely and I will definitely make this one again. And Mum who hates green drink only based on the colour loved it too!

Apple Juice
CoYo Yoghurt


And lastly, this is what I use to cut and core apples before eating/adding to juices and smoothies. Only a couple of pounds from Ikea it saves a lot of time and is fantastic if you have children/fussy eaters.


Let me know how you do with the smoothie, love and light x


4 thoughts on “Smoothie Saturday: 25 May 2013

  1. Have you tried it roasted? You wrap in foil (skin and all) and roast for about 40 mins. I just peel the skin off and eat the insides. I love it that way. 🙂 You might be able to make beetroot chips too by cutting into strips and roasting with spray oil.

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