The power of self belief


Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few months you would have seen that I’ve been rebuilding my body using yoga. While I’ve used basics to stretch and stay supple, I didn’t use yoga a great deal as it was there support my running and bodyweight/weighted gym training. I have to say it has been the only plus side to my operation as its forced me to discover where I can take my body where the discipline is concerned.

I know I can run. I know I can squat. I know I was able to dead lift 100kg before the operation. But I hadn’t done handstands or the crab (yoga folk call it ‘wheel pose’) since I was a child. I haven’t suddenly woken up, jumped out of bed and into a scorpion pose or anything. Daily work and belief have got me here.

Life can be extremely tough and you feel like you will never reach that illusion goal, but you can. Set smaller goals to get to your final destination. Rally up the positive influences in your life and ask for help. Just don’t stop.

I’m watching a friend of mine from the sidelines at the moment who has her personal goal, she was scared to begin her journey due to fear of the unknown. She set herself some goals and rewards before setting out and I’ve seen her suddenly blossom and no matter what she says to me, it is all down to HER believing that she can do this, nothing else. To say I’m incredibly proud is an understatement. I know she’ll read this and beat me, but she knows I love her dearly.

Whatever challenge you have set yourself that has become a hard task fitness or otherwise, it’s about working on and believing you can do it. Take that first leap of faith and soon you will realise that you can not only walk; you can fly.


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