Mysogyny in Fitness


This post has been a long time coming; I’ve been so disgusted with the way social media has been a platform for people to be very mean to others, particularly on their appearance. I’ve waited a while to write though as I didn’t want my anger to allow the piece to become a rant, so apologies to those who have been waiting to read my thoughts. In a short space of time there seemed to be so much going on where women were getting attacked on blogs, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and it became too much. Unfortunately I haven’t really calmed down as it seems there is something else that crops up daily that reinforces my angst in how women are constantly attacked.

I follow a fair amount of fitness people and with my aspiration to enter a fitness competition which has been put back until next year due to my operation these include women that lift weights. It isn’t for everyone I get that, but the really nasty comments I witness all the time about more muscular women are totally unnecessary and are very toxic. So working out “too much” is a no no, apparently … Women are suddenly unattractive when they become stronger, many of those making such comments don’t seem to even run for a bus. Hmm.

Then we have those imbecilic folk that post photos of those that don’t work out at all or are clinically obese making vile comments. One person who does this regularly even defended his position by saying ‘they’ve eaten themselves to that place’ and pointed out the fact that he also posts “inspiring” photos as if that cancels it out before declaring ‘no fks are given’. Many of those photos are women who have clearly injected their breasts and bottoms with silicon and then claim to have squatted their way to fitness. Very fitting from someone that decided they would change their appearance having no sympathy/regard/empathy for those that haven’t gotten to his stage yet. While this is one example, there are many other douchebags that constantly post photos of obese folk and use it as a licence to be nasty. A classic example I personally came across was by a male Personal Trainer who claims to be for the people trashing anyone that didn’t agree with his ethos and described people who went out drinking at the weekend as “tramps” with his own hashtag on Twitter/Instagram no less. Needless to say, I’ve removed myself from that negativity as trying to reason with him fell on deaf and ignorant ears.Then we have another type of trolling that I honestly will never EVER understand. Especially from fellow women. Attacking pregnant women.

I don’t follow many celebrities, but it was difficult to miss all the backlash that went with Kim Kardashian’s (bad) choices in maternity wear and more specifically to her size.
Yes, her clothing has been quite bad considering she is supposed to have stylists around her, and she does insist in wearing clothes and shoes that are far from flattering, but the attacks on her size while she’s pregnant are in my opinion extremely horrible. Before the rise of the “celebrity” culture, women were allowed to look however they wanted. But not now. If you walk into a shop and browse the magazines, there are TONS of front covers with people who have lost their baby weight in six weeks, not to mention the myriad of regimes/programmes helping you “fight the flab” and similar nonsense as if mothers don’t enough on their hands with a baby to look after, they now have to get some start jumps in while expressing Junior’s next feed whilst vacuuming as he sleeps. Where is the time to rest after such a very physical and emotional experience? Just pop out the baby and keep it moving, yeah?

Women are already at a loss where fitness is concerned as we are targeted with fluffy pink dumb bells weighing less than our handbags, being bombarded with images of the perfect body (but only if you’re White, I won’t touch on the very alarming lack of Black faces/images used as inspiration as we clearly don’t work out or anything *side eye*) and patronised by pretty much every angle without this nonsense. Women sweating is a HUGE no-no. We “glisten”. It’s about time we took a stand. Lifting isn’t going to “make you huge” as we simply do not have enough testosterone in our bodies, AND it does the world of good for metabolism. If Zumba is your thing as you like dancing, go for it!! If you prefer kickboxing, do your thing. if you prefer yoga, I’m down with that. My abs have made a come back as a result of that post op. Find what makes you tick and do YOU.

We need to stop listening to men who have no idea whatsoever about women’s bodies telling us how we should look/feel. We also need to stop competing against each other and become more encouraging instead of tearing each other down. We also and most importantly need to realise that whatever way we decide to train as long as it is done properly is the right way if it makes us feel great.

“Don’t expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.”


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