Smoothie Saturday: 06 July 2013


This week sees a return to one of my staple favourites: spinach. As I have a huge issues with my iron intake, I try hard to ensure that I stay on the right side of my iron stores and spinach is one of my favourite ways to do so. If you have a tendency to get anaemic (ladies especially), it is advisable to check your dietary intake and if possible get the iron in via your diet and not through seeing the doctor all the time. Vitamin C boosts the absorption, so remember to incorporate this in as well.

I love the colours in this recipe, although the finished result isn’t as sexy it still tastes lovely. Mine isn’t too thin, but I understand with varying tastes you may prefer it thinner, just add more juice. I always use pressed juice, no concentrate around here and I added a little dash of my Manila honey in for hayfever purposes. As the fruit is sweet, I took care to not add too much.

Recipe below.

Mango and apple juice
Manuka Honey

Love and light x


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