20 things I’m grateful for


Flicking through my Twitter timeline on Friday I saw a tweet posted by the awesome David McQueen which challenged his followers to list 20 things you’re grateful for which I promptly retweeted.

I was then sat on the tube en route to meet my sister to attend Wireless Festival a few hours later feeling really great, so I then began thinking of reasons why I’m grateful, here they are:

1. My Mother
2. The ability to hear. Music is everything.
3. My child telling me he loves me.
4. Spending precious time with my grandmother.
5. Being reunited with my two brothers.
6. Chocolate.
7. Meditation.
8. Having my heart broken. Nothing is forever.
9. Being told no.
10. The ability to say no. I can’t be everything to everyone.
11. Waking up before the alarm. Mini personal victory.
12. Access to clean water.
13. Facing my own mortality 18 February 2013.
14. Charlie Dark.
15. Education. In and outside academia.
16. Travel. Life is very interesting outside the M25.
17. Soya hot chocolate on a cold morning.
18. Exercise. Sanity inducer.
19. Chocolate. Yes. Two entries.
20. Freedom of self/expression. Much of the World are persecuted for something which we take for granted.

This was an interesting exercise and I thank David for challenging me, take a moment to reflect on gratitude and see how you do. I can safely say it won’t hurt.


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