Smoothie Saturday: 20 July 2013


I came across this photo whilst on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and it looked really appetising.

Ricky St Claire, a friend who’s serious about lifting had posted it so I clicked on the post as I knew it would be a nice healthy recipe and I was right!

I have tried the recipe minus the banana (replacing with oats soaked in soya milk overnight) and it is extremely tasty. Ricky’s recipe is below.

“I like to use Alphonso mangos but it’s a case of which ever mango people like, 2 of those, 1 passion fruit, a banana and if you have vanilla pods then great if not a tiny dash of vanilla esscence is cool. Half a cup of ice half a cup of your choice of milk and 2 tablespoons of probiotic yogurt. All in the blender for 2mins to crush the ice and serve.

Alternatives for fresh mango: Sainsburys do frozen mango which is cool. I use that from time to time. I also throw egg whites in if I need a protein hit as well.”

Many thanks to Ricky for sharing this recipe.


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