Power cuts


I am sat at work as there is a power cut (I have moved to a desk where there is emergency power, I’m not THAT good – I’m not using my super powers or anything!) and I’m watching how people behave in a moment like this. It’s been fascinating to see that some take opportunities like this to either carry on regardless of the situation at hand or to sit back and use the time to coast along doing nothing. Some may even use the time (which some have done) to try and go home as there ‘isn’t much they can do here’.

How are you in situations where the goal posts shift and you’re suddenly in the dark? Do you get on with things, use it as a way to get out of making the best of a bad situation by doing nothing at all or do you give up altogether? Treat life as a power cut and figure out what your general attitude would be. You might just learn something about yourself.


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