Angel Dee Review: Gravity Workout


Last Friday I attended a new class at Gymbox called “Gravity Workout” which was described as ‘body weight training on the frame with the added difficulty of wearing a weighted vest’, and it was just that!

I arrived at the gym nice and early as I was aware of the roadworks in the Farringdon area and descended two floors to the very spacious (read this as ginormous) changing area to lock my stuff away and have a walk around the gym. Going down the dark stairs hearing music pumping from various areas made me feel like I was about to go clubbing which isn’t a bad thing to me at all. The areas are zoned pretty well, with the free weights area looking like Muscle Beach. The boxing ring and punching bags looked awesome, didn’t have time to have a go at the time. I popped my head into the area on my way out and there was a lot going on, vigorous punching with jungle music pumping. Niceness. There is plenty of space to move and a lot of equipment and machines, although the first few trips be prepared to get a little lost as the gym is deceptively large.

Our class was in Area 1 which resembled a scene from Mad Max, I was half expecting someone to shout out ‘Welcome to the Terrordome’ as I looked down into the area from one of the free weight areas above. It could look intimidating to the untrained eye, but I think my heart skipped a beat when I walked up the stairs into the area and saw all the bars, medicine balls, boxing pillars and mats. George our trainer threw down the vests from one of the other zones upstairs and when I saw the size of them, I realised this wasn’t going to be an easy class at all. After an introduction we got straight into a warm up incorporating sprint drills and quickly into the main aspect of the class.

We were paired up with one partner in a vest and one without. I went first donning a vest and was paired up with George (of course I was!) and only being 5’2 the vest came up pretty big on me. George gave me a 10kg vest (the vests came in 10or 12kg weights). We went through three sets of five disciplines . Each set consisted of:

Slow Mountain Climbers
Static holds on pull-up bar
Hip thrust Bridges

No Vest
Jumping Squats
Push-up with extended arm after each rep
Sprint on the spot
Jumping lunges
Opposite arm to leg sit-ups

The first set was for a minute, the second for 45 seconds and the last for 30 seconds before swapping over the vest to your partner and George made sure the recovery between sets were short and sharp. Needless to say I was glad I wore the vest first because but the time I was on the last of the static hold on the pull-up bars I was questioning my reason for being there! But George’s enthusiasm definitely rubbed off onto the group, despite it being hard work the majority of the group were still smiling by the time we finished the session with sprint drills. The 40 minutes went by really fast and my only gripe was not being warned about the holds, it definitely does require gloves or chalk – I had both in my gym bag, the last set was a mess with sweaty hands. George was to me a very good trainer, encouraging without being patronising or pushy.
I would definitely do this again (maybe not after a hardcore session the night before like I did), and I definitely would stretch in the sauna afterward again to help with muscle soreness as my arms are a mess now as I’m typing.

Thank you to George for a dope class and to everyone at Gymbox, Farringdon.

For more information on the Gravity workout, have a click here.


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