Make that call


How many times have you put off making an awkward phone call? I can tell you, I’ve done it too many times to count. I don’t call many people, and when I do it is with purpose. There are a very small number of people that I feel I can call regularly, with the increase in messenger apps, this has made things easier for everyone to not have to make many calls too.

So when I was pulled up on this last week, I was put of the defensive. The conversation that unfolded where I was told to call that person more. Then I thought, “but hold on, while I don’t call you … You don’t call me either”. I haven’t felt for a long time that I could pick up the home to call them based on how our relationship as friends has been, and their job means they’re very busy. I am the type of person that would hate to think I was bothering someone when they are so busy, so sending a message to let them know I’m thinking of them. Trying to keep communication channels open for me was a better option than nothing at all, especially as I felt/feel like it was a little more one sided.

It got me on a chain of thought that has me thinking that I should make more of an effort to make more meaningful contact with my friends. The art of conversation has been lost to social media, which is not a good thing at all. While I don’t like spending hours talking on my mobile, I do appreciate conversation.

So this week, I will endeavour to make a few meaningful phone calls to a small handful of people and just connect properly. It may even include the catalyst for this post.


One thought on “Make that call

  1. Oooh how I do this! Actually as recently as this week when I had to call an aunt to say thanks for my birthday presents she sent me – it’s polite and it’s how I was brought up but I asked myself why can’t I just send a text message instead – but no I sucked it up and called her and you know what it wasn’t so bad.
    Make those calls 🙂

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